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We provide proven high-quality materials through long R&D experience at reasonable prices.

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eZ Ceramics Forum

Call +82-2-906-2809

eZ Ceramics Forum Co.,Ltd will change the world with honest technology.

Welcome to the eZ Ceramics Forum Co.,Ltd.

In supplying dental materials, we strive for research and development with the aim of producing aesthetic prostheses with more convenient work, providing proven materials through long research and development experience at reasonable prices, and always with an open mind. We will listen to the Word and work with an attitude of thinking and researching together.

EZ-CERA Slurry

It was developed to drastically reduce the burden of time and cost increase due to many manufacturing processes when manufacturing aesthetic dental prosthetics for dental use, and to manufacture high-strength prostheses with a simpler and more convenient process.


For existing CAD/CAM users, slurries are produced and supplied as blocks.

EZ-CERA for 3D printing

Zirconia crowns are produced using EZ-CERA Slurry and a 3D printer for Ceramic.

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